Making Time For Exercise

This article represents a critical factor to be evaluated when selecting the proper training program.  For the full article go to our Programs page.

Time Allotment

How much time you can afford to dedicate towards fitness week-in and week-out will have obvious implications on what program will work for you.  In-home may seem optimal because of the flexibility, but sometimes these programs are rigid and requires 6-7 days at 1-2 hours per workout.  Taking time to go the gym may not be feasible because of lack of childcare among other factors.

You may hear hype about only needing 10 minutes a day or only 4 hours a week.  While the physical excretion may only be 10 minutes a day or four hours a week, the reality is that the total time commitment to a workout program is going to be more.  Travel time, warm-up, cool down, stretching, meal prep, showering and getting ready are just a few of the activities surrounding a workout that will take up additional time.

A good rule of thumb is to take the estimated workout time of any program and double it.  If you are able to allot this double time, on a daily or weekly basis than the program should fit your needs.  Another item to consider with time is focused or effective time.  While in-home training is a great time saver when it comes to travel, the lack of equipment and loss of focus may not be feasible.  Some people require the immersive environment of a gym or hiking trail to get the best use of focused energy during the workout.  Spending time doing anything ineffectively will yield little to no results.