Training Cost

This article represents a critical factor to be evaluated when selecting the proper training program.  For the full article go to our Programs page.

Financial Situation

This may seem like an odd consideration when picking the correct training program, however one that should be looked at nonetheless.  A training program can be as cheap as a $10 DVD and as expensive as a high end health club membership with daily personal training.  The key is to weigh this before selecting a program.  Intensive personal training programs and group memberships such as CrossFit are amazing environments where proper instruction and high motivation is present.  However for some people this is simply not feasible financially.

The most common approach for many people is to join a gym for an affordable monthly payment.  This however does not always give people the results they want.  Many people also typically shy away from spending money on the right types of foods and supplements for desired results.

The key is to strike a balance between frugality and leverage.  By spending a little money on once a week personal training or a group session, you are effectively getting leverage on yourself by creating accountability.  Knowing you will be meeting with a trainer will help motivate you throughout the week to stay with the training program.  Likewise, a healthy (pun intended) investment in a stocked refrigerator and vitamin cabinet will keep many motivated to exercise and eat right.