Strength Training Shoes

This article is a deep dive into strength conditioning and power / Olympic lifting shoes.  For the complete article see our Training Shoes Page. Power / Olympic Lifts | Strength / Heavy Weight Training Many people wear basic athletic shoes, running shoes or other types of footwear when weight lifting.  While this is not necessarily bad, it […]

Best Training Programs

This article is a guide to some of the best training program available.  Before reading this material, it is important to go over the information and critical factors surrounding Picking a Training Program (opens in new window). Once you have evaluated your personal situation here are a few various options for common scenarios.  These apply […]


Weightlifting belts are a more traditional piece of support and stability gear used in heavy weight training, power and Olympic lifting.  Beginners or those not focused on strength conditioning will not find this piece of lifting gear necessary.  For those however who look to do exercises that can provide strain and high impact on the […]

Wrist Straps

Wrist straps, not to be confused with wrist wraps are a piece of support gear used in weight lifting to enhance grip strength and stability.  These are commonly used by power lifters for heavy deadlifts and by body builders for heavy barbell or dumbbell shrugs.  Many bodybuilders or figure competitors also utilize straps to go […]


While there are literally thousands of different types of training supplements and hundreds of different purposes, methods and times during the day to take them; this article focuses on the three key supplementation times specifically focused around training. Pre-Workout A huge trend in the last decade has been the influx of pre-workout supplements into the […]