Strength Training Shoes

This article is a deep dive into strength conditioning and power / Olympic lifting shoes.  For the complete article see our Training Shoes Page. Power / Olympic Lifts | Strength / Heavy Weight Training Many people wear basic athletic shoes, running shoes or other types of footwear when weight lifting.  While this is not necessarily bad, it […]

Best Training Programs

This article is a guide to some of the best training program available.  Before reading this material, it is important to go over the information and critical factors surrounding Picking a Training Program (opens in new window). Once you have evaluated your personal situation here are a few various options for common scenarios.  These apply […]

Fitness Assessment

This article represents a critical factor to be evaluated when selecting the proper training program.  For the full article go to our Programs page. Evaluating Current Fitness Level It is important to clearly and accurately objectively measure your fitness level before engaging in a particular training program.  This will help you avoid injury and possible […]

Functional Strength

  Functional strength training has seen a surge in popularity over the last several years.  This is due in part to popular training programs and events including the following: CrossFit MMA/UFC Training Strongman Training Tough Mudder Ninja Warrior Training Spartan Race Functional strength training is about developing power and overall wellness as opposed to focusing […]