Fitness Assessment

This article represents a critical factor to be evaluated when selecting the proper training program.  For the full article go to our Programs page. Evaluating Current Fitness Level It is important to clearly and accurately objectively measure your fitness level before engaging in a particular training program.  This will help you avoid injury and possible […]

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are a more advanced piece of support gear used in heavy weight training, power and Olympic lifting.  Many beginners or those not concerned with strength conditioning will find this piece of lifting gear unnecessary.  For those however who look to do exercises that can provide strain and high impact on the wrist such […]


Picking the correct footwear for your desired training program is critical for success and maximum results.  While a robust cross-training shoe is suitable for all forms of exercise, they may not be as effective as specific shoes designed for explicit types of training.  Some examples of specific types of shoes for specific applications are listed […]