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Hiking Shoes

This article is a deep dive into hiking and trail running shoes.  For the complete article see our Training Shoes Page. Hiking Boots & Shoes As is true with other specific types of training; a basic athletic or cross training shoe, will work for most hiking situations.  They however are likely to provide less than optimal results […]

Strength Training Shoes

This article is a deep dive into strength conditioning and power / Olympic lifting shoes.  For the complete article see our Training Shoes Page. Power / Olympic Lifts | Strength / Heavy Weight Training Many people wear basic athletic shoes, running shoes or other types of footwear when weight lifting.  While this is not necessarily bad, it […]


Picking the correct footwear for your desired training program is critical for success and maximum results.  While a robust cross-training shoe is suitable for all forms of exercise, they may not be as effective as specific shoes designed for explicit types of training.  Some examples of specific types of shoes for specific applications are listed […]