Weightlifting belts are a more traditional piece of support and stability gear used in heavy weight training, power and Olympic lifting.  Beginners or those not focused on strength conditioning will not find this piece of lifting gear necessary.  For those however who look to do exercises that can provide strain and high impact on the lower back such as heavy squat, deadlift, clean, jerk and snatch; it is a welcomed piece of equipment.

Although it may seem like weight belts are only needed during back intensive exercises such as heavy deadlifts and cleans, there is pressure put on the lower back during other heavy exercise such as the squat, push press and snatch.

Overuse of Weight Belts

It is not uncommon to see people in the gym wearing their weight belt for the entire workout.  While they may have their specific reasons for this (such as a preexisting injury) for most people this would not be a good idea.  The constant sporting of a weight belt would actually limit and weaken the lower back muscles over the long run.  Some weight lifting purists may disagree but weight belts should be worn when very heavy lifts involving the back are attempted.  They are also a good piece of equipment for people with lower back problems to wear when training.

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