Wrist Wraps

wrist wraps

Wrist wraps are a more advanced piece of support gear used in heavy weight training, power and Olympic lifting.  Many beginners or those not concerned with strength conditioning will find this piece of lifting gear unnecessary.  For those however who look to do exercises that can provide strain and high impact on the wrist such as heavy bench, should press, clean, jerk and snatch; they are a necessity.

Wrist wraps are also a common piece of support gear for bodybuilders who look to put on a tremendous amount of size and muscle mass.  The reason for this is that as the rest of the body grows, the wrists stay relatively the same size.  The angle and weight support increases unproportionately and wrist wraps help alleviate some of the added strain and pressure.

Overuse of Wrist Wraps

As with any piece of weight lifting enhancement or support gear, they can be overused to the detriment of the lifter’s advancement.  There is no exception for wrist wraps.  However since they are primarily a support device, they can be used more often than wrist straps or a weight belt with less impact on performance.  Some purists may disagree, but wrist wraps are a great alternative to tape or worse a wrist injury.

On the topic of injury, wrist wraps are a great tool for lifters to use when faced with a current or existing wrist injury.  Wrist wraps can provide the support and stability to continue to exercise through a minor to moderate wrist issue.

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Weight Lifting Training Wrist Wraps For Wrist Support

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