Picking A Training Program

Workout Program

When it comes to picking a good training program or exercise routine there are several important factors to consider.  Before you select any particular program you should consider the following items.

  • Current Fitness Level (i.e. Cardio, Strength, Overall Conditioning)
  • Fitness Goals (ie Strength, Lose Weight, Endurance, Build Muscle / Size)
  • Time Allotment (Weekly Basis)
  • Historical / Existing Injuries (Weak or Injury Prone Areas)
  • Financial Situation (How much money you can invest on Fitness)

It may not seem like it on the surface, but each of these factors will have a large impact on what type of training program you should select for the best results.  Let’s dive into each area a little bit deeper.

Current Fitness Level

It is important to clearly and accurately objectively measure your fitness level before engaging in a particular program.  This will help you avoid injury and possible death but will also help align you with a program that won’t discourage you because difficulty is too high.  If you have exercised before, perhaps years ago but have confidence in your body, you may be able to ease into your old program.  Regardless it is still a good idea to have a Fitness Assessment performed by a licensed professional (ie a certified personal trainer).  Read More… (opens in new window)

Fitness Goals

One of the most commonly overlooked elements of choosing the correct training program is establishing objective and measurable goals.  Goals such as “get in shape” or “lose weight” are ok to start however more definite goals are necessary for better results and true success.  Goals such as “run a mile in under 7 minutes,” or “lose 10 pounds” can be measured scientifically and give you a clear target.  Read More… (opens in new window)

Time Allotment

How much time you can afford to dedicate towards fitness week-in and week-out will have obvious implications on what program will work for you.  In-home may seem optimal because of the flexibility, but sometimes these programs are rigid and requires 6-7 days at 1-2 hours per workout.  Conversely, taking time to go the gym may not be feasible because of lack of childcare among other factors.  Read More… (opens in new window)

Existing Injuries

Another item that should be measured before picking a training program is any current or past injuries.  This should also include consideration of weak and areas prone or susceptible to injury.  For example if someone has an old knee injury, a high impact, box jump heavy, CrossFit workout may not be the best choice.  Likewise, if you have a weak heart condition, running 20 miles a day may not be a good training option.  Keeping in mind injuries is important when selecting an effective exercise routine.  Read More… (opens in new window)

Financial Situation

This may seem like an odd consideration when picking the correct training program, however one that should be looked at none the less.  A training program can be as cheap as a $10 DVD and as expensive as a high-end health club membership with daily personal training.  The key is to weigh these options before selecting a program.  Read More… (opens in new window)

Selecting the Correct Training Program

Once you have evaluated these important factors; it is time to choose a workout program that fits within your current fitness level and budget, accounts for your available time and existing injuries while still giving you the desired results.  Specific programs will be different, however there are some common options that work for a wide range of people when adapted to meet individual needs.

For more information see our article about the Best Training Programs.

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