Knee Wraps

Knee wraps are a more traditional piece of support gear used in heavy weight training, power and Olympic lifting.  Beginners or those not focused on strength conditioning will not find this piece of lifting gear necessary.  For those however who look to do exercises that can provide strain and high impact on the knees such as heavy squat, deadlift, clean, jerk and snatch; they are a necessity.

Knee wraps are also a common piece of support gear for bodybuilders who look to put on an incredible amount of muscle size and mass.  The reason for this is that as the rest of the body gets bigger, the knees and joints stay the same size for the most part.  The weight support required increases un-proportionately and knee wraps help alleviate some of the added tension and force.

Overuse of Knee Wraps

As with any piece of weight lifting enchantment or support gear, they can be overused to the detriment of the lifters advancement.  Knee wraps are a great tool for supporting the joint but if worn too often can actually cause the knee to become weaker.  Some purists may disagree, but modern knee wraps are a great alternative to old school ace bandages or worse a knee blowout.

When it comes to injuries knee wraps can be a great tool for lifters to use when faced with a current or existing knee injury.  Wrist wraps can provide the support and stability to continue to exercise through a minor to moderate knee issue.  However for something more intense, it may be appropriate to where a full on knee brace or other piece of supportive gear as directed by a medical professional.

Follow the link below for a common piece of knee support gear used in CrossFit and Weight Lifting competitions that feature squats and Olympic lifts.

Sports Knee Wraps Pair – 72″ Compression & Elastic Support