Fitness Assessment

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This article represents a critical factor to be evaluated when selecting the proper training program.  For the full article go to our Programs page.

Evaluating Current Fitness Level

It is important to clearly and accurately objectively measure your fitness level before engaging in a particular training program.  This will help you avoid injury and possible death but will also help align you with a program that won’t discourage you because difficulty is too high.

If you have exercised before, perhaps years ago but have confidence in your body, you may be able to ease into your old program.  Regardless it is still a good idea to have a Fitness Assessment performed by a licensed professional (ie a certified personal trainer).

Many times you can get a free fitness assessment test from a gym that is looking to gain your membership.  Many in-home training companies also offer an initial free training session and fitness assessment.  This is also typically the case with many CrossFit organizations.

If you are shy, or simply don’t want to feel the pressure of a personal trainer hovering over you, there are other options.  There are several resources online for measuring your fitness level.  A simple search on the internet for “Online Fitness Assessment” will yield several results.  You can also check out for a comprehensive online tracker.

Additionally, many in-home training programs such as P90X contain custom fitness assessment tests that help identify if you are ready to undertake the particular program.

If you do not want to take the time to go through an official test here are a few good indicators

  • Body Fat Percentage (Calipers or Submersion)
  • Measurements (Waist, Chest, Hips)
  • Mile Time (Aim for under 10Min, 5min would be advanced)
  • Performance on Functional Lifts (Bench, Squat, Deadlift)

If you are goal is to take on the hot new program, but you are physically not ready to take on a high-impact intense program such as Crossfit, P90X, Insanity or Olympic Power Lifting, don’t fret.  Training with a more moderate program for only a few weeks may get you ready depending on your current level.  Starting at the right place will help ensure you do not over-train (get too sore or destroy muscle) and stay injury free.

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